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Using baby powder on Yom Kippur

Rav Moshe Feinstien Zt'l opinion is quoted in רשומי אהרן ח"ב או"ח סי' תרי"ד אות א that it is permitted in a case of need as baby powder is not considered anointing. As usual consult a ...
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Using baby powder on Yom Kippur

I can't find any proper sources, but I found a number of online rulings that it's permitted: It’s forbidden to use deodorants on ...
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Are Naot or other Leather strapped sandals permitted on Yom Kippur?

There seems to be a machlokes regarding shoes with leather straps (nothing else made of leather). This a quote from a QA in May one wear shoes that have only leather straps? ...
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Are objects used for the Taanugim "muktzeh" for Yom Kippur?

The Ramma at the end of siman 612 brings fro the Trumas Hadeshen that there is no issue of muktza for food or drink. מותר ליגע ביום כיפור באוכלין ומשקין וליתן לקטנים ולא חיישינן שיאכל או ישתה עם ...
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Why is "affliction of the soul" interpreted differently in two places?

In the case of Yom Kippur, since the prooftexts are from divrei kabbalah as opposed to divrei Torah, many consider the four which are in addition to eating to to be asmachta rather than a true derasha....
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Affliction and refraining from work

I've heard the following inference drawn from the words of Rambam in support of the point you're making. (I'm afraid I can't recall where or when I heard this.) First, note that Rambam gave the ...
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