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Sefaria and Rabbinic Endorsements

"Sefaria is one of my favorite things in the entire contemporary Jewish world. It is taking cutting-edge technology and doing something very spiritual by it. What it is doing is opening up the ...
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Where can I buy a Yeshivish fedora online?

I've never used them, but friends of mine have ordered from https://www.yeshivishhats.com/. The home page says that their price is $55.
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Online Megilla Reading and the name of Haman

The requirement of the megillah reading is to hear every word (Shulchan Aruch O"C 690:3), including Haman's name. There is a minhag to make noise "as if" you're drowning out Haman's name (Ram"a O"C ...
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Where can I buy inexpensive seforim online?

If you want used, also try ebay. There are a few Judaica sellers on there and you can get stuff relative inexpensively. This seller is the biggest.
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Converting Conservative Online

Such a conversion would not be accepted in the Conservative movement. A site offering an online-only Conservative conversion is at best extremely misguided, and possibly a scam. For starters, ...
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Is there an online resource like Jewish Encyclopedia available that is more up to date?

The Encyclopedia Judaica, first published in 1971-1972, and updated as recently as 2007, is a bit more recent than Jewish Encyclopedia. While it isn't available online, many of its articles are ...
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Online tool for minyan management?

JPal should solve this issue. Please check this thread on SE: Davening with a Minyan in China Details: Minyan On Demand let's you create a minyan anywhere in the world and instantly have ...
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Advanced Tanya Shiurim

When a beginner learns Gemara, one of the greatest setbacks is the lack of "prerequisite" knowledge. Many concepts are preestablished, including the 13 middos of learning Torah (gzeira shava, binyan ...
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Hirsch chumash online

R' Hirsch's commentary is available in Hebrew translation as one of the commentaries in AlHatorah.org's Mikraot Gedolot. You can jump straight to his commentary on a particular verse using a URL of ...
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Search Database with Ta'amei Hamikra

Quantified Cantillation is what you need. It is designed to search the Torah for specific sequences of trop. I can tell using it that there is one zarka-munach-zarka in Breishit 42:21 and one in ...
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Historical Daf Yomi calendar

I have found that Daf Yomi Calendar has the calendar for cycles 11 - 15. This site does not have any earlier cycles. I have found D.A.F.'s Talmud Tools which allows you to search back by Daf, Hebrew ...
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Is there a short Daf Yomi shiur online in English?

Master Daf is an unusually clear 20 minute daf yomi shiur in english, with every word read and translated, available on all of Shas. Maggid Shiur is a R`m in Slabodka Yeshiva of Bnai Brak........
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Reliable Tzedakah Websites

Here's a list of Jewish organizations I donate online to with some regularity. I spend about 10 minutes checking out each one for reliability and quality and usefulness of work before giving a ...
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How can you quit a habit of visiting inappropriate websites?

Marry a wife Pele Yoetz (here) says it helps with sin Seifer Hachinuch (mitzva 582.2) explains that the reason of the Mitvzah that after the first year of marriage you need to be happy with your ...
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Online Safrut Courses

I just saw your question and wanted to let you know there is an online safrut course starting on November 15th. All the information can be found here: http://mastery.webyeshiva.org/safrut-...
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Online Tikkun Makers?

Try https://www.tikkun.io. Full disclosure: I'm the creator of this site. As a software developer and avid Torah reader, I found nothing online that I enjoyed using and that was free. This one will ...
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Gemara text with Nekudos

Depending on which tractate you're looking for, you could try Tuvia's who also makes his texts available online for free at e-daf.com. (It's one of the "size" options in the dropdown. Note: they don't ...
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Mechirat Chametz on Internet

Dovid Grossman was told by R’ Zalman Nechamia Goldberg that although it is preferable, per the Rambam, to make a kinyan sudar when appointing a shaliach, if it is difficult it is not required. A ...
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Is there an online resource like Jewish Encyclopedia available that is more up to date?

Also available is Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, 10 volumes (1939-1943) by Simon Cohen and Isaac Landman at The Online Books Page (onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/).* After entering title, click '...
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Is there a pattern to whether a year is full/regular/deficient? Is there an online source that lists them?

To quote from Remy Landau's website: The 19 year cycle does not cause the Hebrew calendar to repeat itself every 19 Hebrew years. The 19 year cycle only refers to the positions of the 13-month ...
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YouTube Videos with False Titles

First, please read my answer on "are internet clickbait links permissible. Your case is much worse because of two factors: The author surely knows it is a lie and has an evil intention to fool ...
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Historical Daf Yomi calendar

The Simple Luach app lists the day's daf in its calendar. Navigate to the calendar tab, and click the icon at the top right. This goes back to September 11, 1923 which lists Berachos 2 as the day's ...
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Position of gedolim on AI

A whole raft of American-based Gedolei Yisroel* recently sign a kol koreh against things like chatGPT / chatbots (as seen here) In the kol koreh, the morei derech write that such chats have the ...
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What's a good website for asking questions about Jewish life and learning and getting crowd-sourced answers?

Judaism.codidact.com is a question-and-answer site similar in many respects to this one but with its own content, an open-source platform, and non-profit ownership, responsive to its community.
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Shechita Material online

You can buy it The Art of Crafting the Shechitah Knife and Stone and a translation of Simla Chadasha both by R Loike on Lulu.
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Is there an online database of early manuscripts of the Tanakh?

Aleppo Codex: Archive.org pdf, flash version arranged by book Berlin Codex (Babylonian niqqud): Seforim Online pdf British Museum Or. 4445 (B): British Museum Cairo Codex: Wikipedia pdf, Seforim ...
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Zohar in hebrew online

HebrewBooks has the volumes of R. Ashlag's edition , which includes translation of the Aramaic into Hebrew. Type "הסולם" into the site's 'Title' search box to get the list of volumes.
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Hirsch chumash online

Here you will find his most important works, but only in German: Until now I did not find any translation in English which is available online.
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Amazon sent extra book, should I return it?

Rambam says (גזלות ואבידות יא:ד) you can rely on the non-jew’s authority in a sale, that he is in charge, and should he mess up, you’re off the hook. Also, the rules of the country you live in (...
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Has anyone bought low price tefillin on the web and had them checked?

I once had a pair of tefillin peshutim. I'm not going to mention the name of the company from which they were bought, because I don't want to spread slander about them. But let's just say, when you ...
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