This is actually a machlokes based on what is your preference as well as what is considered the ikar and tafel in the product as well as the majority. This seems to be analogous to the case of Rav Moshe Feinstein discussing what bracha to make on chocolate covered raisins. A Sweet Bracha What Bracha Does One Recite over Chocolate-Covered Raisins? In ...


The brachot site mentions three important rules in defining ikar / tafel that seem to be relevant to the PayDay bar: I. Tofel by Function (Serving Tofel or Tofeil HaMeshameshet) Definition: is when you have two separate food items and one item serves the other item. The Tofel is not eaten for its own enjoyment, but only for the sake of the Ikar, ...


Only the 5 grains are automatically ikkar, not fruits. Mishnah Brurah 204 sk 57 (also see the Shulchan Aruch he is commenting on for some context): הרי הוא עיקר - המ"א ושארי האחרונים הסכימו דהוא דוקא בחמשת מיני דגן אמרינן דהיכא דבא ליתן טעם אף שהוא מיעוט הוא העיקר וכדלקמן בסימן ר"ח ס"ב אבל בשארי מינים אזלינן בתר רובא

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