This is cited as law by R. Abraham Gombiner in Magen Avraham O.C. 167:1 אם שמע דין ונראה לו שהלכה כך מותר לאמרו בשם אדם גדול כי היכי דליקבלי מיניה If one hears a law and it seems to him that the law is as such it is permissible to say it in the name of a great person in order that they accept it from him.


Kodoshim Tihu: • Mkadesh yourself by abstaining also from that which is permitted to you" (Yevamot 20a) Ramban counts it as a mitzvah. • Nedarim 10a - 2 Shittas, one says a Nasir is a Choteh (sinner). What's his averah ? Not drinking wine? Is what the Torah has forbidden you not enough! Another one says he's a "Ish Kodesh". Why, cause he ...

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