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What is the proper beracha for Pancakes or waffles

OU suggests mezonot for both waffles and pancakes presumably since they're made from grain (usually wheat) and not bread.
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Eating before hamotzi Friday night

I was told that some Sefardi communities (Morrocans, I think) have this minhag. The reason behind it is to make sure to get to one hundred brachos, which is brought in Orach Chayim 46:3: חייב אדם ...
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Does sign language count as a Hefsek between Netilas Yadayim and Hamotzei?

There is a popular misconception that the problem with speaking between Netilas Yadayim and Hamotzi is a hefsek. That is not actually true. The problem is hesech hada'as, or being distracted from ...
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Birkas Hamazon if I left the place I ate in

Beit Shammai (Berachot 51b) said that if one forgot to bentch at the end of the meal and remembered when he was in a different place, he is required to return to bentch in the original place. Beit ...
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