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The history of Hilchos Lashon Hora

The Chafetz Chaim in his preface seems to address all your questions (and then some!). While the entire preface (and book) is well written (not that it needs my approbation!), I will try to quote some ...
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Is grain from outside Israel usable for offerings or not?

The Mishna says "כל הארצות היו כשרות אלא מכאן היו מביאין" and tells about Omer and shti Halechem, which need to be from Erets Israel. So the Bartenura is right when he adds "של ארץ ישראל" The ...
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Talmudic personages and their occupations

I have not done my own detailed analysis by compiling an exhaustive and definitive review of the various rabbis mentioned in the Talmud and their respective vocations although a good reference is the ...
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Why do we have many teachings from Hillel and Shammai, but very few of earlier zugot?

Because in those days there was very little to no machlokes: בראשונה לא היתה מחלוקת בישראל, אלא על הסמיכה בלבד In the beginning there was no disagreement in Israel, except regarding smicha (...
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Books on science and Torah in Hebrew

take a look at this blog: https://madabatorah.wixsite.com/main It hosts several articles in Hebrew about fundamental physics and Judaism.
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In light of modern science, why is bee honey still kosher?

"Enzymes are protein molecules in cells which work as catalysts. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions in the body, but do not get used up in the process. Almost all biochemical reactions in living ...
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Is there any particular halachic reason why the Maccabean Martyrs would insist on speaking Hebrew?

Avraham Kahanah in his Hebrew translation of the Apocrypha (source, bottom of pg. 201-202), wrote on this verse in Maccabees: "בלשון אבות. אפשר לפרשו גם בלשון-האם, והוא בניגוד ללשונו של העריץ, ...
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What are the parameters of shomer pesaim Hashem?

Below is a quote from R' Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, written in his responsa Minchas Shlomo (V2, Siman 37) ולענין עיקר הדבר מה נקרא ספק פקו"נ ומה לא, ועד איפה הוא הגבול, גם אנכי בעניי הסתפקתי טובא ...
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Books on science and Torah in Hebrew

Revisiting this question from a long time ago... I have found the works of Rabbi Dr. Michael Avraham to be a very good resource in terms of science, philosophy and Judaism. I contacted him a number of ...
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Talmudic personages and their occupations

Who's who in the Talmud by Shulamis Frieman is the book you are looking for . It's quite pricey ,but was done very well ,you probably can get it at a library. https://books.google.com/books?id=...
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What determines a Minhag?

Look at the באר היטב here, regarding the Minhag to bang or clap when we hear the name of Haman during קריאת המגילה, which details many conditions a Minhag must have in order to be considered a valid ...
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