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Why no Halachic codex for the masses appear till the 12th century's Mishneh Torah?

Based on the Rambam himself, in the introduction to this work, he states that he produced this work in response to a widespread deterioration in understanding the law (halacha) from the Gemara. ...
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How do contradictions within Halacha impact the credibility of Judaism?

Halacha is indeed filled with doubts and ambiguities due to how ancient it is and how much pressure there has been on it (and yet despite that, it is miraculously clear for the most part, as יהושע ק ...
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Derobonon extensions of mide'oraita laws - list

Shaarei Torat Hatakanot is a 6 volume long book that is listing all the rabbinic enactments, organized chronogically, from the time of Moshe Rabbeinu. It is written by the first director of the ...
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