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What's the point of a bracha before eating?

Just as by a sacrifice, there is a time when it is forbidden and when it is permitted - I.e. before and after the blood was sprayed on the altar - the same would apply with regards to making a ...
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If someone doesn't have a head, should he still put on the hand tefillin (with a bracha)?

The Rema in 26:2 brings from the Tur that one who only puts on the shel yad (for whatever reason) should only make one bracha (insinuating that he should still put on the shel yad alone) ואם הניח של ...
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What's the point of a bracha before eating?

According to Rav Chaim Volozhiner Nefesh haChaim sec 2, the whole "it is as if stealing" thing isn't the way people assume from seeing the gemara. I was taught as a child that everything is ...
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