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Asking a shaila - not looking for a psak

It seems to me that communicating that desire in a way that's clear to both you and the rabbi should be necessary and sufficient. For example, "I'm interested in learning your opinion on this, ...
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Asking a shaila - not looking for a psak

I agree with Isaac Moses' answer; clear and direct communication is your best bet. An additional suggestion: say that you're seeking an "eitzah" (עצה, lit. "advice"). In some ...
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Are "Halacha To Moses from Sinai" Undisputed?

See: https://judaicapress.com/products/understanding-machlokes The Rambam, speaking of any oral law (not only of ''halacha L'Moshe miSinai '') means that any extant oral law that was known to have ...
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Authenticity of Halacha l'Moshe MiSinai

@Shmuel, the Rambam does not say that the fact that ''an eye for an eye" means monetary compensation is a halacha L'Moshe miSinai. ''Halacha L'Moshe miSinai'' is, as he explains, a technical term ...

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