Some quick Otzar Hachochma searching has revealed the following: Tessler's Minhagei Chag Hashavuos (Anaf B, 1) notes that Yetziv Pisgam has nothing in particular to do with Shavuos, and in fact, in some communities it was recited on the 7th day of Pesach. If this is the case, there is no reason for why we read it on the second day specifically... On the ...


As you noted, the generally-cited ashkenazic haftarah for Parshat Pekudei is from Melachim I 7:51-8:21. However, there are two additional customs to be aware of, which may go some way to answering your question. There exists an ashkenazic custom in the Diaspora to read Melachim I 7:40-8:1 as the haftarah for Pekudei. This is brought down by Maharil (Customs ...


Actually, i believe the briskers use the regular tune for chazon since there is no mourning on shabbos. Also, at least in the german minyanim i've been to, they start the eichah trop from passuk 2 & change back for 16-19 & again from 24 till the end.

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