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Netziv's drasha on purim

Netziv is referring to R. Achai Gaon's derashah on Purim (and his own commentary thereon). This is the last piece of the She'iltot on Sefer Shemot which is commonly printed without a reference number ...
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Did the Netziv write the Emek Davar?

From the Hakdama that the Netziv wrote for the Ha'ammek Davar it is clear that the Netziv wrote this himself.
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Understanding העמק דבר on בראשית טו ה

The Ha'amek Davar is explaining two points: The relevance of "stars"; and The seeming redundancy of this promise in light of the earlier promise in 13:16. He explains that the stars represent ...
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Understanding העמק דבר on בראשית טו ה

There seem to be two expressions of multitude. One is the comparison to stars. There are very many stars so this is the first expression of multitude. The second is “if thou be able to count them” ...
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