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Re-articulate a sound repeated after a maqaf?

There is some discussion about the matter in Berakhot 15b, relating to the precise reading of the Shema and it's subsequent sections. The phrase בְּכׇל־לְבָבְךָ֥ is cited as an example of where one is ...
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Grammatical question related to SHEVA

I'm sure this has been hashed out before here already, and many of our users here are far superior grammarians, but ... here goes. We avoid starting a sentence with a double sh'va. Because to do so ...
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Vocalization of תצפה in נשמת כל-חי

The שערי תשובה on או"ח רפא אות א writes that anyone who says תְצַפּה is mistaken, and one must say תִצְפּה. However, the אבודרהם brings 2 פסוקים, each one supporting each version.
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Kamatz Katan Question

There is no Kamats-kattan. In Tanakh, according to the vowel system we use today, stressed syllables never have a Kametz-kattan.
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