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According to Rambam, does rape fall within the Noahide prohibition against theft or not?

The Ramban writes (Bereishis 34:13): צוה אותם בדיני גנבה ואונאה ועושק ושכר שכיר ודיני השומרים ואונס ומפתה ואבות נזיקין וחובל בחבירו ודיני מלוה ולוה ודיני מקח וממכר וכיוצא בהן כענין הדינין שנצטוו ...
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Is it forbidden דרבנן to withhold the wages of a gentile labourer?

I believe the rabbis were wrong on this. Its wrong to steal from anyone whether they be Jewish or Non-jewish. Unless its specifically in war time; when people lives can be saved when we steal from the ...
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Is a parent allowed to take items from children over bar/bat mitzvah age but under their jurisdiction

It seems from the gemara in Bava Metzia 12b, and the Shulchan Aruch CM 270:2 that, whether the son/daughter is a gadol (13/12) or a katan, if they are being supported, their things belong to the ...
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