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If one steals but can’t give it back or to the heirs who should be give it?

In such a case the Shulchan Aruch (CM 366:2) writes For shepherds, tax collectors, and customs collectors, repentance is difficult, because they robbed the masses and do not know to whom to make ...
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Is a parent allowed to take items from children over bar/bat mitzvah age but under their jurisdiction

It seems from the gemara in Bava Metzia 12b, and the Shulchan Aruch CM 270:2 that, whether the son/daughter is a gadol (13/12) or a katan, if they are being supported, their things belong to the ...
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Can one be exempt from paying for a harm that turned out to be a gain?

It's not exactly the same as your question but Reb Chaim Soloveitchik's "2 stamp question" might offer some insight. If Reuven has 2 stamps or paintings each worth $1m and then Shimon ...
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Clarification on quotation sources around Sanhedrin 57a

Raavan: Here's a link to the relevant page on Hebrewbooks. It's near the bottom of the first paragraph on the left-hand column. "דהאמר שמואל (חולין צ"ד.) אסור לגנוב דעת הבריות ואפילו דעתו ...
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How can Chachamim put price tags on mitzvot?

Giving the 10 zehuvim is described as a "קנס", a fine as a punishment for the person who took the mitzvah. It is not restitution for the mitzvah. An example of this can be seen in the Sm&...
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A bought or found stolen mitzva item

There are two possible problems in such a case: The Lulav might not belong to him, and In a case where it's lost, the thief might not have given up on finding it, and This might be a case of מצוה ...
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Can one be exempt from paying for a harm that turned out to be a gain?

In theory, we might be able to derive an answer from a different scenario. At the heart of the question here is if someone damages/steals but the owner in the end turns out to have gained, or at least ...
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