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Rabbi Yonasan Eibshitz (1690-1764) writes in Tiferes Yehonasan top of second column that the Mabul did not reach the okianus ocean that surrounds the world. He also mentions that assuming America was not settled by people yet, the Mabul would not have been there as well.


Noah’s flood Is it possible that the entire world, with the exception of one family, become totally corrupt and required obliteration without the chance to repent? Can it be that the Bible is exaggerating the entire event in order to make a point? Is it possible that the entire world was not flooded, but just a single, local flood, as scientists now suggest?...


The Rambam (maybe even the gemara) in a case requiering exactly half of Israel (it's either to bring the korban pesach when most people are tamei, or when most people sinned in a way requiering a par helem davar, a communal sin offering) gives an example that if there are 600,000 people and 300,001 of them are (tamei/chayav). So, in this case at least, most ...

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