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Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Zatzal says that when we get all of Eretz Yisrael which includes the Eiver HaYarden and other areas + Eretz Yisrael will spread out then it will be ורחבה "רחבה" – דבר זה תמוה הוא, מדוע הגדירו אותה כך, שכן כשאנו מביטים כיום במפה, הארץ נראית צרה וארוכה, וכלל לא רחבה. אלא הטעם הוא, שהמפה הנוכחית אינה משקפת את גודלה וצורתה של ...


On the name "Rachav" (the woman who assisted the spies in Sefer Yehoshua), Yehudah Dvir in Talpiyot 8:3-4, pg. 490 brought Martin Noth's view that one of its meanings is a reference to the hif'il (הפעיל) form of the word, "Hirchiv" (הרחיב), so perhaps the same may be said about רחבה - the land that makes us more prosperous.


See Rashi to Devarim 11:11, where he cites Sifrei. Eretz Yisrael is 'bigger/wider' than we might think because it is hilly, offering more surface area in a compact space.

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