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בית שמואל, שמות אנשים, אות ע' עזרא אין בו ספק ובאלף בסוף משום שנתגדל בבבל נכתב בלשון ארמית The Taz writes that it comes from Aramaic. Quoted in Beit Shmuel (Shemot Anashim, Ayin) and Aruch HaShulchan EH 129 Seder HaShemot. R. Moshe Ibn Habib (Ezrat Nashim, Shemot Anashim, Ayin) also considers this but is inconclusive.


I too am very curious about the first use of zero as a concept in Judaism. Maybe Harel of Torah Thoughts would know. Which characters of alphabet means zero according to gematric rules? If we accept that Gematria is more than just comparing two words with the same numerical meaning, but that each number represents a Divine theme like we see most ...

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