Questions pertaining to fruits.

Fruits, known as פירות in Hebrew, are regarded as their own food category in halacha, with those that grow from trees having the blessing of בורא פרי העץ (Who creates fruit of the tree) and those that come from the ground with the blessing of בורא פרי האדמה (Who creates fruit of the ground).

There are also agricultural halachos (laws) that are tied to fruit and their growth. The first three years are regarded as Orlah, meaning that they cannot be eaten, sold or gained any benefit from. The fruit of the fourth year also have a special status known as Revaii and can only be consumed in Yerushalayim. Since this is no longer practical, the fruit of the fourth year must be redeemed with at least a perutah (which is worth a small amount of money today) or fruit of that value. The holiness of the fourth year crop is then transferred to the money or the fruit which is being exchanged. The money or fruit must be destroyed or thrown away in a manner that it will not be found. Finally in the fifth year, we allow for their consumption.