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Pomegranate = 613 seeds?

In the new Artscroll biography of Rav Chaim Kanievsky zt"l - p.215 it notes how Rav Chaim was asked this question by Rav Zilberstein shlita. Apparently Rav Chaim started thinking through the ...
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Bikkurim offerings quality

Indeed fruits of inferior quality or rotten were not acceptable. The Rambam writes (MT Bikkurim 2:3) We do not bring [first fruits] from the dates in the mountains, nor from the fruit from the ...
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How does timing work for shechiyanu on fruits?

I suggest looking at the piskei teshuvos 225:17-18 (including all footnotes) for a full understanding, however this is a summary of what he says: In general, a shehecheyanu is only made on seasonal ...
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