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Why specifically the size of a date on Yom Kippur?

The mishna b'rura this seif points this out: (א) ככותבת הגסה - אע"ג דבכל איסורי התורה משערינן בכזית, כל זה הכי דכתיבי אכילה משא"כ ביו"כ דלא כתיב אכילה אלא מנע הכתוב את האכילה בלשון ...
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Taanit dibbur breaking

Rav Chaim Kanievsky (Shoneh Halachos, Moadim, 572:10, page 217, note 2) is quoted as ruling that one need only refrain from “idle words.” However, if one must speak to perform a chesed or other ...
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Why do we fast when we mourn?

We find the inyan to fast on a parent’s Yartzeit as well. The Rama YD 402:12 says מצוה להתענות יום שמת בו אביו או אמו (כל בו בשם הר"מ וע"פ) It is a religious duty to fast [on] the day that ...
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What are some halachically proper fast-day greetings?

As a friend just explained to me in the name of his late Father, A"H, on Yom Kippur it is appropriate to say have an easy fast. But it is not appropriate to say so on Tisha B"Av as we are ...
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What are some halachically proper fast-day greetings?

I just got wished to have a meaningful fast. This is elegant, in the spirit of the day, and something I've heard often. Have a meaningful fast!
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