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There is no question that it is perfectly acceptable to appoint a shaliach (messenger ) to deliver the divorce document (get). The Rambam (Mishne Torah Gerushin chapter 6) writes (6:3) A husband may [...] appoint an agent to deliver a get to his wife. Such an agent is referred to as a delivery agent (sh'liach holachah). (6:13) Until the get is given ...


Both the first relationship and the second one would have to be formal marriages (the kind that requires a Get to dissolve) for the prohibition of remarrying your divorcée to come into effect. (ShA EH 10:1) איזו גרושה מותרת לחזור לבעלה ובו ז סעיפים:‏ המגרש את אשתו ואח"כ זינתה מותרת לחזור לבעלה:‏ הגה וכן אם זנתה עם הראשון ונתקדשה לשני ...

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