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When is it acceptable to be impolite or rude

No it is never ok to be rude. As Jews, we have to set the standard and example for others. Indeed, this was the difference between Yaakov and Eisav. The Zohar on Parshas Toldos writes: וַיַּעַשׂ גַּם ...
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Where does it say it’s not about the job but rather it’s the merits?

Kiddushin 82a: רבי מאיר אומר: לעולם ילמד אדם את בנו אומנות נקיה וקלה, ויתפלל למי שהעושר והנכסים שלו. שאין אומנות שאין בה עניות ועשירות, שלא עניות מן האומנות, ולא עשירות מן האומנות, אלא הכל לפי זכותו. ...
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When is it acceptable to be impolite or rude

The Ramban advises in his Iggeres Haramban (Sefaria translation taken from here): Accustom yourself to always speak all of your words calmly, to every man and at every time. In doing so you will ...
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Jewish table manners

Indeed there is a prohibition called Bal Teshaktzu, not to be disgusting. This is codified in the Shulchan Aruch (YD 116:6). In his commentary on this law, the Kaf Hachaim speaks of your case, writing ...
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Is there a mitzvah not to ignore a person?

The Gemara says: One who does not respond to a greeting is called a robber. [Berakhot 6b]
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Public nuisance in Halacha

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz in his series called "HaShoneh Halachos" on Orthodox Union writes: If one's neighbor has a headache and the sound of hammering would make it worse, then one may not ...
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Is it true if a person did the sin of mishkav zachar he has to do 227 fasts to rectify his soul

Picking up on the comment by @Rabbi Kaii "Should we start first by finding its source in the commentaries?" The starting point is fasting as a form of repentance. A helpful introduction to ...
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Can you put a pencil as a bookmark in sifrei Kodesh? Per this site, you can leave a pencil in as a bookmark only, but not if it’s to guard your Sefer
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Does it say anywhere in Halacha that a person shouldn’t eat where others Arnt eating?

Bava Kamma 92b: אֲמַר לֵיהּ רָבָא לְרַבָּה בַּר מָרִי, מְנָא הָא מִילְּתָא דְאָמְרִי אִינָשֵׁי: שִׁיתִּין תִּכְלֵי מַטְיוּהּ לְכַכָּא דְּקָל חַבְרֵיהּ שְׁמַע, וְלָא אֲכַל? אֲמַר לֵיהּ, דִּכְתִיב: ״...
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When is it acceptable to be impolite or rude

There is only one situation where one is allowed to be rude, and that is when mocking idolatry: אמר רב נחמן: כל ליצנותא אסירא, בר מליצנותא דעבודה זרה — דשריא. Rav Nachman says: All mockery is ...
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