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Why did the Teshuvos Avnei Yashfei quote Rav Elyashiv anonymously?

Rav Feinhandler himself publicized in his introduction of the FIRST volume of Shut Avnei Yashfei, his thanks to "Gaon Echad", Rav Elyashiv, and that his rulings were included in the sefer. ...
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Is it okay to read Torah books by non-frum authors?

Summary It's almost always unwise to read such books. But not always. Please read on. Details One can find sources which argue both ways. Here's an answer from my own experience. In my yeshivish ...
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Is it okay to read Torah books by non-frum authors?

Definitely not advisable. They are most likely to contain ideas antithetical to Torah. Better to use your time studying Torah, instead of studying interpretations twisted to go against the Torah. This ...
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Why do some frum Jews go to college, even though the Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote many decades ago that it wasn't allowed?

Please see this pamphlet published on the website of N'shei Chabad: See also
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Is Remilk dairy or pareve in Halacha

Another animal-free 'milk' comes from Perfect Day. On their website they say, Perfect Day’s non-animal whey protein is Kosher Certified. Like all food ingredients, our protein could end up in co-...
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