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What is the source of not to speak dvarim betelim

As @Deuteronomy said there is no prohibition of talking דברים בטלים but we have sources that tell us not to: The Nefesh Hachaim talks about how one's words have an effect on the spiritual worlds, and ...
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Where does Baal HaTurim's commentary come from?

Not only gematriot but also the interpretation of the meaning of why certain wording is used in seemingly unrelated texts and he finds a way to connect them. The period in which he lived, 1100's into ...
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How did anyone study the Talmud before Rashi?

There were many commentaries written to the Talmud before Rashi and even a generation or so afterward. The best known is probably Rabbeinu Gershom's Peirush, which is preserved for some tractates. ...
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Perplexing section of Moreh Nevuchim

In R. Dowid ibn Yihyeh's explanation of the introduction to the Moreh, he presents this section as follows (as found in Dr. Eli Gorfunkel's publication in Qobhes 'Al Yad, vol. 24, pp. 337-338): I ...
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