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From @RebbecaBurns answer to this question: Black is always elegant. Always. Simple is best. It is important to remember that the purpose of tznius is not to be ugly or unattractive, but to not stand out or draw attention the eye to one's physique. (This applies to men too.) So a color that is slimming can actually be beneficial for tznius.


Well, for starters black matches with everything so its the easiest color to wear.


This article explains The name Laban means "white". According to the Kabbalah, Laban represents loben ha-elyon, the "supernal whiteness" that transcends all "color" and classification. Thus "Laban" embodies the power of transformation — because it is beyond classification, it bridges opposites and can transform a ...


I once heard (I can't remember from whom) that Lavan was the biggest trickster out there. Everything he did/acted/said represented Sheker. Therefore he needed to have a name which is associated with purity so that his name could also be Sheker.

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