Questions about Jewish education, also known as Chinuch.

Jews have a holy obligation to educate their children in Torah. They take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness. The education of children in Torah is the gaurantee of the continuation of the Torah for future generations.

Some basic definitions:

Chinuch - literally, intiation. This refers to the process of initiating children in Jewish study and practice. Often used interchangeably with "education". Mesorah - literally, "that which was given over". This refers to the ways of Torah that we have received from previous generations. This generally refers to the traditional way of doing things. Torah - literally, teaching. The entire body of written and oral law as given to Moses from God.

Two separate areas have been included under this tag. One is the technical Halachik obligation of Chinuch, which refers to having children practice mitzvoth before they are formally obligated to do so. The other is the area of teaching Torah to children.

Questions on parenting methods, ideas, and approaches not directly related to Torah or mitzvah observance may be off-topic for this tag, and should be tagged with the parenting tag.