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"He'amur" rather than "ha'amur" in K'dusha introduction?

Sefer Chassidim (805) mentions this pronunciation (in connection with כדבר האמור בשירי עזך, at the end of that Kedushah) but disapproves of it (and the Magen Avraham (Orach Chaim 125:1) brings this as ...
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"He'amur" rather than "ha'amur" in K'dusha introduction?

The correct pronunciation is "ha'amur", with a kamatz. "he'amur" is a hypercorrection based on the fact that if the second letter were any of the other three gutturals (ה ח ע), ...
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Amen to a Chazzan with a different pronunciation of Hebrew

That's not the correct interpretation of the source you brought. There's no such abstract concept that the chazzan can't lead a congregation that distinguishes more letters than he does. Rather, it is ...
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