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Different traditions during the repetition of Modim

Although today in most cases the Chazzan's repetition is not being motzi anyone, there is an instance where he is, and this exact issue is discussed; The Shulchan Aruch 124:10 says in a case where ...
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Does the Shaliach Tzibur need to be at the Amud throughout Pesukey D'Zimra?

The Tur (סימן נג) writes ועומד ש"צ ומתחיל ישתבח Translation - the Shaliach Tzibbur gets up and says Yishtabach. We can derive from this, that until Yishtabach no Shalich Tzibur was present, as ...
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Where does it say that one who already said the morning blessings can go and repeat them as prayer leader?

O Ch 6 (2) MB 10 says עיין במ"א ופמ"ג ושארי אחרונים שהסכימו דאפילו ש"ץ שבירך בביתו שוב לא יברך בבהכ"נ דבימינו הכל בקיאים וכל אחד מברך לעצמו ואין רוצה לצאת בברכת הש"ץ a) See ...
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