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Is there a chatzitzah if one holds the lulav while wearing a gold ring around one's finger?

The basis for the rabbi's statement is a gemara (Suk. 37a) where it is evident that a barrier between the lulav and one's hand does not render the taking of the lulav "lekichah tama" (לקיחה תמה). ...
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Does hair in front of the head create a chatziza issue with Tefillin Shel Rosh

R Daniel Mann from Eretz Hemda answers your question at length here. He concludes it is not an issue in most cases although he does bring opinions (Machatzit Hashekel, Mishna Brura 27:15) that raise ...
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Rings as chatzitzahs for bread, mikvah, washing

Halochakli it is permitted if a chatzitza covers less than half the body (or heir) and it does not bother most of the woman like her (that have her profession) But the minhag is lohathila for mikva ...
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You didn't cut your nails last Friday; now it's Wednesday and they're too long. Should you cut them now?

The shulchan aruch 531 '2' forbids one from hair cutting on chol ha'moed so that one shall not postpone the cutting until chol ah'moed when he has got more time. In the following siman the Rema' ...
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Why is moisture a chatzizah for netilas yadayim?

It is actually a machlokes. Rabbi Kaganoff discusses the subject in This Is the Way We Wash Our Hands and during that posting gives several reasons that would lead one to use a cloth when holding the ...
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