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The Bach (430:1) writes that Shabbos was set aside to commemorate this miracle - and not the tenth of the month (when the miracle actually happened) in order to prevent confusion with the miraculous Crossing of the Jordan, which also happened on the tenth of the month.


The rabbis currently do not have the authority to declare a leap year because there is no Sanhedrin. The current calendar was set up by Hillel II and is completely fixed by calculation. Indeed, even though the current calendar does have an error of one day in 216 years, we cannot fix that until the Mashiach comes and a new Sanhedrin appointed. As we can ...


There are two problems, both are discussed (among others) in Sanhedrin 11a. The first is that you need a Sanhedrin with a Nasi to intercalate a year. The second is that there are certain reasons for intercalating a year (e.g. damaged roads and bridges to Jerusalem, ripening of the grain and fruits). Actually, one of the reasons for introducing a calculated ...


My Bar Mitzvah was the week of Pesach. On the invitation, I was told to put: ביום שבת קודש, ביום א' דפסח And for the following Monday: ביום שני, יום א' דחול המועד פסח

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