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Reading the Bible literally, Genesis 9:28 explains that after the flood (which occurred in 1656), Noah lived for 350 years. Abraham was born in 1948. This is also the date for the modern state of Israel. Coincidence? Actually, the Bible never explicitly states the date of Abraham’s birth.


I don't think it is a coincidence. As per Daniel's vision in 536 BCE, Israel's Seven Times Punishment which God had warned about in Vayikra 26:28, terminated in 1948 (see Dan 12:1, 5–7). Since a time equals 360 years in Torah eschatology, the period given in Dan 12:7 equals 1,260 years (a time, times, and a half = 360 years + 720 years + 180 years = 1,260 ...


tl;dr Over a span of 689,472 years (the complete Hebrew calendar cycle), a three-Torah shabbat happens 465,929 times, and a two-Torah weekday happens 1,009,765 times. For technical details, see below the line. First, let's consider the frequency of three-Torah shabbatot: Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Tevet occurs in year types בשה, גכה, בשז ,גכז. Shabbat Rosh ...


Let us try to answer this question in a meaningful, cause and effect way, as opposed to a count of years on the 247 nearly cycle. As an introduction, one of the basic principles of the current Jewish calendar is that all dates from the Adar adjacent to Nisan until the following Cheshvan can only fall on four days of the week each. This is because the length ...

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