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"Riot Act" Haftarah for Kedoshim -- When Will We Read it Again?

This haftarah is only read in year type זח"ג, which next occurs in 5801 (2041). (The linked Hebrew Wikipedia page is as good a place as any to look this kind of stat up, I guess.)
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Which days the holidays occur on

The molad for each month is evenly distributed across the week over a long enough period of time. If you look at the rules for the calendar you'll see that: Rosh Hashanah for a given year is the day ...
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Four Gates - ארבעה שערים

Anyhow, I made one בע"ה, at I would love to hear comments and suggestions - web design is not my core skill at all. A few points about ...
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"Riot Act" Haftarah for Kedoshim -- When Will We Read it Again?

For the years 1900 - 2100 : The longest we ever go without reading it is 27 years but there are 3 times they are only 3 years apart. 1902 (5662) 1919 (5679) 1943 (5703) 1946 (5706) 1970 (5730) 1973 (...
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Where did Samson Raphael Hirsch write "the catechism of the Jew is his calendar"?

The source appears to be his Collected Writings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, in the chapter Tishrei I which starts The catechism of the Jew consists of his calendar. On the pinions of time which ...
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How did Nissan stay in the spring before the exodus?

Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer 8 says that adding leap years was originally done by Hashem, then handed over to Adam, from him to Chanoch, etc., down to the Avos and then to Yosef, and then "after Yosef ...
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Is there a Hebrew Calendar discussion place?

On you will get much about the math and system behind the Hebrew Calendar among other things. At (in Hebrew), you can view a bunch ...
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When did R’ Hillel make the calendar?

The earliest written reference to the name Hillel is found in a responsum by R. Hai Gaon. It mentions Hillel b. Yehuda, who established the fixed calendar in 358/9 CE, about 140 years before the ...
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History of Shabbat: how (or) did they count to align with 7th day of creation?

Ohr hachaim on bereishit 2:3 ולמה שפירשתי אמת יהגה חכם ודבר ה' בפיהם אמת בטעם צודק כי להיות שהשבת הוא המקיים העולם כל ששת ימים ואחר עבור ששת ימים יבא שבת אחרת ויחייהו ויקיימהו עוד ששת ימים אחרים, ולך ...
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