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Shiluach haken on injured birds

Yes, and it applies even if the kosher spicie bird is definitely treiffed. See SAY"D 292:1 The sending of the nest is only practiced with clean birds, even if the mother is torn, and even if ...
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Is there a list of kosher duck species?

According to the Chasam Sofer (shu"t YD 74) wild geese (ducks?) are not kosher, citing Tzemach Tzedek (Siman 29). The Star-K seems to rule in accordance with this position and will not certify ...
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Did Elisha get his tefillin back?

The Ateres Yehoshua (רב יהושע קרלנשטיין) offers a unique perspective on the Sugya: The wings never turned back to Tefilin because Hashem doesn't perform miracles without purpose. He also offers an ...
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