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Gad Ben-Ami Sarfatti wrote an article for the Academy of Hebrew Language in-depth on this point, give it a look:


This website notes a connection and writes as follows: The term טבע to denote “nature” is derived from: Prov. 8:25– Before the mountains were sunk within the water; Metz. David… sunk in the sense of established/planted; Ibn Ezra… as in: on what were its sockets sunk (הטבעו), or who laid its cornerstone (Job 38:6). RSRH Ex. 15:4(paraphrased) – טבע means ...


The Shem miShmuel answers your question, he says: ואדמו"ר זצללה"ה הכהן הגדול מאלכסנדר אמר כי לשון טבע הוא מלשון טובע בנהר, שאדם צריך שמירה שלא יטבע בגשמיות Translation (I do not know how to translate the abbreviated titles): "...said: Because the word טבע (nature) is from the word טובע (drowning) in a stream, that a person needs gaurding in ...


They are also discussed in the Targum Yonasan to the verse: מַלֵיל עִם בְּנֵי יִשְרָאֵל וִיתוּבוּן לַאֲחוֹרֵיהוֹן וְיִשְׁרוּן קֳדָם פּוּמֵי חִירָתָא מַרְבִּיעָתָא דְאִתְבְּרִיוּ בְּגַוְונֵי בְּנֵי נְשָׁא דְכַר וְנוּקְבָא וְעַיְינִין פְּתִיחַן לְהוֹן הוּא אַתְרָא דְטָנֵיס דְּבֵינֵי מִגְדוֹל וּבֵינֵי יַמָּא קֳדָם טַעֲוַת צְפוֹן דְּמִשְׁתַּיֵּיר מִכָּל ...

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