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ashkenazi style melodies to mizrachi birkat hamazon?

I realize the question is old, but I found Sephardic Birkat HaMazon to an Ashkenazi tune on Youtube, from Rabbi David Kadoch.
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I'm looking for a very specific Birkat Hamazon tune

Do you mean the one that appears here: Max Helfman was Brandeis-Bardin and Camp Alonim’s first music director. Helfman, already an accomplished musician, ...
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Birkat hamazon for chametz on Passover

Shulchan Aruch (OC 196:2, 204:9) says we make the usual blessings when eating non-kosher out of necessity. Presumably the same would apply to chametz on Pesach.
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Standing for Grace after Meals to concentrate better?

The Rema says there מיהו אם לא עשו כן אפי' בירך מהלך בדיעבד יצא However if he did not do so (i.e. sit) even if he walks around, he has 'bdiavad' done his duty. I asked my Rav. He said that the word '...
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