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Rambam Hilchot Sanhedrin 1.7 יז,יא [ז] כל מי שחטא ולקה, חוזר לכשרותו: שנאמר "ונקלה אחיך לעיניך" (דברים כה,ג)--כיון שלקה, הרי הוא אחיך. אף כל מחוייבי כרת בלבד שלקו, נפטרו מידי כרתן.‏ Similarly, all those obligated for kerait who received lashes are absolved for kerait. The source is a Mishna in the third chapter of Maccot. כל חייבי ...


Because left and right are directions- paths. They are ways one can go. At a crossroads one needs to make a decision; left or right (or maybe straight). The Torah is talking parabolically- do not deviate from the path the Rabbis set before you- to the left or to the right. Rashi's example is simply based on the Pasuk, just like you may not turn left or right,...

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