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This sefer suggests that Yaakov thought that he might live only to 120 (the standard human lifespan), and also that he planned to marry only Rachel. In which case, allowing time for 13 births (12 shevatim, plus one girl to fulfill Pru Urvu), with spacing between them for her recovery, would take 36 years - exactly the amount of time (he thought) he had left.


Yefeh Einayim there says that Yaakov deduced it from the way the 12 stones joined together (68:11 according to R' Yehuda), or from having been shown the redivision of Eretz Yisroel described in Yechezkel ch. 48 (69:5). Another relevant source is Koheles Rabbah 3:11:2, that Hashem was going to have the 12 shevatim come directly from Adam, but instead said, "...


In his Teshuvot Ivra (siman 116), R. Eliyahu Henkin writes that we should not interpret this hatred as something innate (or something like that) because a perverse person stops being perverse after appropriate behavior. He states that the saying of Ben Zoma in Avot “Who is he that is honored? Those who honor others" also applies to the nations and that our ...

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