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In the autobiography of Rav Gifter zt"l by Rabbi Yechiel Spiro, (Mesorah Publications - 2011), pp.166-167 it writes about a reception that was held following the publication of Megillas Koheles (the third book of tanach that Artscroll released) where Rav Gifter made a point of meeting the two editors Rav Zlotowitz and Rav Scherman - it writes: Not ...


Most Gedolim who they asked agreed. (The initial idea that they write a gemora was the suggestion of Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky) Some of the Gedolim who primarily dealt with the more learned crowd were opposed due to the fear that "when there is an easier option the harder one becomes impossible" and the Artscroll Gemara would cause many people to lose ...


You can see various approbations from gedolim in the introduction. Especially Rav Mordechai Gifter z"l who spoke English fluently.

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