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Why is יעל קגם out of order?

The sefer Doresh Letzion (a collection of the Noda Biyehudah's derashos on sugyos in Shas) has a series of his derashos, given on three successive Shabbos Teshuvahs in the years 5511-13 (1750-52), ...
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Who is מהרי''א?

According to this article, it's Isaac Abarbanel: "אברבנאל זכה להערכה רבה מאת מלבי"ם, אשר כינהו "אביר המפרשים השר מהרי"א
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What’s the meaning of the abbreviation (ז"פ)?

My best guess is ז'פעמים, or 7 times, similar to what we see many time ג"פ for "three times".
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Who is מהרי''א?

As mentioned in the other answers, in the Malbim (and many commentaries on Tanach) it refers to Yitzchak Abarbanel. In halachic works after his time, it refers to Yisroel Isserlein, the author of the ...
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Who is the author ע״ש quoted by באר היטב?

It is the לבוש. The חלק on חושן משפט is called עיר שושן. See here
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What does the abbreviation א״ mean?

Taken from Avraham Stern’s Sefer Roshei Teivot there are 22 commonly used meanings: [ ]2]2 There are additional meanings found in Sifrei Kabbalah and Chassidut like the index section of Sefer ...
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Is ב״ה Baruch HaShem or Bezrat HaShem?

ב"ה = Boruch Hashem בע"ה = B'ezras Hashem בעהי"ת = B'ezras Hashem Yisboroch
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