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How was it permissible to send the daughters out to dance?

R. Yitzchak Abadi has a responsum (Ohr Yitzchak Vol. 2 Inyanim Shonim #10) in which he writes as follows: וזכורני שישבתי לפני זמן רב בחתונה עם הרב שמעון שוואב ז"ל ולא היה שם מחיצה וכשהתחילו ...
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What should we eat on Tu B'av?

According to my research, Jews of Lebanon and Syria do eat some traditional foods at this time of the year. This includes the following: Harissee : Whole grains of wheat and lamb hamin cooked with ...
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How are the two tales of dancing in vineyards on the 15th of Av related?

I had always understood the Gemara as saying that the former was a result of the latter; after Binyamin survived as a result of women dancing in the vineyards, the minhag continued for the daughters ...
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What prayers, Psalms or other items are commonly recited on Tu B'Av?

Here are some prayers that are apparently meant to be recited on Tu B'Av. I in no way endorse this practice or these specific websites: From Shelah Hakadosh's ...
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In what year were the Jews in Beitar killed? In what year were they allowed to be buried?

According to, Beitar fell on the 9th of Av of the year 3893 (133 CE) the dead were buried 15 years later on the 15th Av of the year 3908 (148 CE). See here for further background and some ...
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What should we eat on Tu B'av?

R. Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin (d. 1900) writes in his third essay on Tu B'Av (which can be found in his Pri Tzaddik, after Va'etchanan): ...להבין ענין היום טוב של ט"ו באב לעשות בו סעודה של משתה ...
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Do some communities still allow more mingling between the sexes on Tu B'Av?

The heter to "mingling" is that it is part of the process leading to marriage. Similarly, the Rambam (Issurei Biah ch. 21 IIRC) writes it is a mitzvah for a man to determine if a potential ...
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