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NOTE: Like Wikipedia, this site makes no guarantee of validity, and does not offer professional (particularly rabbinic) advice. Treat information from this site like it came from a crowd of your friends. // Jewish law. Specifically, the legal process beginning with the written Torah and continuing through the Mishna, Talmud, and the legal codes (e.g., Rambam, Tur, Shulchan Aruch).

I can see where you may get confused. The term kove'ah has a nuance of "fixing" or "setting" implying that it has to be the same thing that never changes. But, I don't think in this context it means t …
answered May 1 '18 by DanF
This is from the OU regarding dishwashing soap. Do dishwashing detergents require kosher supervision? It is generally assumed that dishwashing detergents are not edible entities, and halach …
answered Oct 9 '15 by DanF
Shulchan Aruch (168:17), and Mishna Berura (168:94) rule that the bracha is Hamotzi. However, the Biur Halacha states that many Achronim agree with the Taz, and if the calzone is clearly not meant as …
answered Sep 5 '17 by DanF
See this - You're not the 1st person to have asked this. Excerpt: Is it more important to say Vehu Rachum or to say Tachanun? What happens if there is insufficient time to recite both Vehu Ra …
answered Nov 25 '14 by DanF
Shulchan Arukh, Orach Chayyim 200:1: שלשה שאכלו כאחד אחד מפסיק על כרחו לשנים ועונה עמהם ברכת זימון ואפילו לא רצה להפסיק מזמנין עליו בין עונה בין אינו עונה כל שהוא עומד שם אבל שנים אין חייבים ל …
answered Apr 20 '15 by DanF
From Halachpedia: If one met one’s friend in the market (in a happenstance way) one may greet him with good morning and not Shalom. If this is a powerful person, and one meets him on the way …
answered Jul 10 '14 by DanF
This page cites Ramba"m Yesodei Hatorah. See the editor's note, as he has a valid point. I'm not suggesting that Rambam's evaluation would fit with today's common halachic practices. But, it offers on …
answered Jun 12 '18 by DanF
Since you didn't cite which source in the Shulchan Aruch you are referring to, I am using the link that you provided, as this seems consistent with what I have learned and heard from Rabbanim whom I h …
answered Jan 15 '15 by DanF
user218076's answer is correct. But, as you also asked "What can I do with them?" you could donate them to a shul, esp. a Conservative or Reform shul. Depending on the kippa style, they may want some …
answered Dec 25 '17 by DanF
I assume that you are referring to the paragraph that appears in most siddurim following the actual counting. This is an additional / optional paragraph that is not part of the essential mitzvah of co …
answered Apr 15 '15 by DanF
נשמת applies to both Masc. and fem. The word here is the possessive form / singular. The plural, incidentally would be נשמות as the word נשמה is fem. and gets the fem. ending. The plural form applies …
answered Dec 17 '14 by DanF
See Situation 85 in this article: When one recites a bracha, he is not only reciting a bracha--he is also performing, at the very least, a Mitzvah D’Rabbanan. Thus, assuming that one is not making a …
answered Aug 27 '14 by DanF
Breishit 17:12 uses the phrase בן שמונת ימים which (loosely) means "an 8-day old". When the Torah uses the phrase בן followed by a number to refer to someone's age, it is counted from the date of bir …
answered Mar 12 '18 by DanF
Star K says: When kneading dough for baking pas haba’ah b’kisnin (e.g. cake and cookies), for boiling (e.g. noodles), or for frying, one is mafrish Challah if 2.6 lbs. (82/3 cups) of flour are …
answered Nov 21 '17 by DanF
This article says that one may wash his car and polish silver, but not shampoo the rug. It does not give a reason. Then, again, I would assume regarding Nine Days that if something is not specifically …
answered Jul 19 '18 by DanF

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