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Questions about Jewish customs and traditions.

The family names do not have anything to do with lineage. In many cases, they were assigned by the (nonJewish) government in order to keep their records. In some cases, the names were assigned in orde …
answered Jun 25 '17 by sabbahillel
The person making Kiddush for Shabbos (Friday night) only needs to drink the shiur. Other uses of the cup also involve the shiur. However, since the becher is usually small enough, then it is a "rov k …
answered Dec 8 '16 by sabbahillel
. This is like a ba'al teshuvah whose (Jewish) father does not have a specific minhag, but who can identify the minhagim of his family farther back. That is in this case, his closest relative is his … mother's father and that is the line that he should follow. Since his grandfather can be identified, the family minhag can usually be determined. If the family minhag cannot be determined, then it …
answered Jan 4 '17 by sabbahillel
vote has The Basics of the Jewish Funeral The Burial ("Kevurah"). We return the body to the earth that is its source. This is our final act of caring, and it is considered a great mitzva …
answered Nov 6 '17 by sabbahillel
Permutations’. [4]Although the AbuDraham (Seder Parshiyos V’Haftaros) cites two disparate minhagim with no actual ruling: one to read the first parsha’s haftara and ‘the Rambam’s minhag’ to … read the second, nevertheless most other Rishonim, including the Sefer Minhagim (Minhag Shel Shabbos), Mordechai (end Maseches Megilla, 831; and not like the Ravyah citing the Ri HaLevi), Rambam …
answered Apr 26 '17 by sabbahillel
During Simchas Torah we have the minhag of giving everybody an aliyah. Most shuls will call up boys under bar mitzvah who are old enough to know what thay are doing/ The final aliyah is considered a …
answered Oct 22 '14 by sabbahillel
“Gebrokts”: Wetted Matzah goes into detail on the provenance of this minhag and explains why chabad does not use it. While speaking with baalei batim who are members of chabad, I have been told that … many people will keep the matzah in plastic bags when eating it so as not to get crumbs on the table that might get wet. The source for the minhag is from Responsa of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi …
answered Apr 11 '16 by sabbahillel
father and son have the same name. Note that it is not a halacha not to share the name, but a minhag derived from the halachic problems that could arise. From the name given as an example, it seems …
answered Nov 12 '17 by sabbahillel
Per Rabbi Shraga Simmons at Question: Why do male Chasidic Jews have the long side curls in their hair? Answer: The Torah says, "You shall not round off the peyos of your head" ( …
answered Apr 20 '14 by sabbahillel
As explained in guides such as the OU guide and the shulchan Aruch (Siman 434) and Chayei Adam Klal 119 Seif 29, if you find chametz after the time, it should be destroyed immediately. If it is found …
answered Apr 6 '14 by sabbahillel
There were various methods used to wake people for prayer and to announce the times. For example, Prayer – waking people up to pray gives the following examples. What happened when there was a n …
answered Nov 27 '15 by sabbahillel
Rabbi Heinemann in Baltimore has answered your question as yes you may. For example, a lettuce, half of a raisin, and celery Lettuce half a raisin celery Let us have a raise in salary I should note …
answered Mar 1 '17 by sabbahillel
Journal of Halacha & Contemporary Society, No. XXI - Spring 91 - Pesach 5751 has an article by Rabbi Michael Broyde - Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, and Rabbi Howard Jachte …
answered Jan 25 '16 by sabbahillel
As a member of the chevra kadisha in my community, we would put a shard of broken pottery on the eyes and mouth of the mais before covering the head with the hood of the tachrichim. I have been given …
answered Jan 28 by sabbahillel
the details about kitniyos and the psakim from the past down to today. From that posting. It would appear that Chabad follows the Ashkenazic minhag and forbids kitniyos. @DoubleAA says that there are …
answered Apr 1 '16 by sabbahillel

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