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Moshiach (Messiah) lit. "annointed one". The final redeemer of the Jewish people from exile. Prophesied in Tanach, he will be a righteous human king descended patrilineally from King David. Identity still unknown, check back later.

According to historian Henry Hart Milman, The History of the Jews (1883 available at Google E-Books), p. 360, Molcho never said he was messiah. Sol Scharfstein's book, Chronicle of Jewish History … : From the Patriarchs to the 21st Century (Ktav 1997), p 173, says that Molcho considered himself a "messenger of G-d" sent to "proclaim the coming of the Messiah" (although Scharfstein lists Molcho as a …
answered Jan 24 '13 by Bruce James
It is clear to the Jewish people that the Messiah has not yet come. For the Messiah to have come there would have to be, also a Messianic Era. The sure signs of the Messianic Era, among other … things, are: With the coming of the Messiah will be the physical ingathering of Judah from the four corners of the earth ( Isa. 11:12, 27:12-13); That ingathering will include the righteous souls who …
answered Mar 8 '13 by Bruce James
answer. There are eligibility rules for the Messiah based on various verseus. These are: He must be Jewish -- Deut. 17:15 prohibits us setting a non-Jew as a king over us. See also Gen. 49:10 … since the Torah teaches that families registered their ancestry by their "fathers' household." Num. 1:18. Rambam (Maimonedes) adds that the Messiah will resolve the numerous rabbinic disputes on …
answered Jun 2 '14 by Bruce James
I love this question. Assuming the same caveat -- that Moshiach refers in this case to the redeemer -- I agree that there are sources which state that the Moshiach will be human, but none, really, wh …
answered Dec 27 '12 by Bruce James
Let me break this down by question: 1. Are there any documented halachik authorities that rule that the belief in a dead Messiah is beyond the pale of permitted Jewish belief and therefore would … Jewish Messiah may be resurrected from the dead. I completely reject and vigorously deny any such claim. As I have already stated publicly. . . such a belief is repugnant to Judaism and is the …
answered May 20 '14 by Bruce James
question (although I actually designed it for Jewish education and not to combat missionaries). But let me just touch on the basics: Not only isn't Jesus the Messiah, but it is obviously so that the … Messiah has yet to come, although, G-d willing he will come soon. We know this definitively because we do not live in the Messianic Age. If we lived in the Messianic Age you would know it because …
answered Jan 14 '13 by Bruce James