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Hanukkah, a holiday commemorating the miracles surrounding the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in the second century BCE

practice in the Beit HaMikdash called Hatavat HaNeirot, whereby the Kohen (Gadol) tended the Menora and prepared it in the morning for kindling in the late, late afternoon. Since our lighting on Chanuka … directly commemorates the lighting of the Menora in the Beit HaMikdash, this suggestion provides a nice “added touch” to the mitzva and symbolism of Chanuka lighting. This Temple practice of …
answered Dec 17 '14 by Isaac Moses
Welcome to Mi Yodeya, and thanks for your efforts to show respect for your Jewish friends. I'm not aware of any special greeting for the last day of Chanuka, in particular. "Happy Chanuka" is the …
answered Dec 19 '17 by Isaac Moses
Did you ask the hotel management if there's some other place where you could light? My understanding is that second choice after wherever you're sleeping is wherever you're eating. Perhaps you could f …
answered Dec 11 '09 by Isaac Moses
Chanuka To-Go. It's a page-long devar Torah, worth reading in its entirety, but in essence: Par'o woke up from a dream in which weak cows swallowed up strong cows, stricken by the incongruity, and … this gave both Yosef and Par'o an opportunity to publicly acknowledge God's rulership of the world. Similarly, on Chanuka, we celebrate the incongruous conquest of the strong Hellenists by the weak Jews, demonstrating again that God's really in charge. …
answered Dec 6 '10 by Isaac Moses
One of the purposes of the shamash is to ensure that there is light in the vicinity of the menora other than that of the menora itself. That way, if someone reads near the menora, their reading won't …
answered Dec 9 '09 by Isaac Moses
mevaqesh commented on this question: Rashi was the recipient of oral traditions about the Talmud, see accordingly, sometimes his sources are not text …
answered Dec 6 '17 by Isaac Moses
According to R' Moshe Feinstein, it's 10 minutes after sunset.
answered Dec 7 '10 by Isaac Moses
I used to use a product similar to (or the same as) the one recommended by Sam. I think I once had an incident where the metal base got hot enough to damage the cup, so now, I always put water at the …
answered Dec 16 '09 by Isaac Moses
I was scheduled to eat at another family's house this year on Friday night of Chanuka, and I asked my rabbi what to do. He said that I should either light my menora at home or light and sleep at the other family's house. …
answered Dec 21 '14 by Isaac Moses
different rates, which means the icky substance won't stick around long enough to keep the flame on the wick. Given that an earwax candle won't burn, it would not be valid for Chanuka lights. …
answered Dec 3 '15 by Isaac Moses
At the 2014 International Bible Contest for Adults (חידון התנ"ך הבינלאומי למבוגרים תשע"ה) televised finals1, celebrated grammarian2 Dr. Avshalom Kor (אבשלום קור) posed this question among a series of …
answered Dec 25 '14 by Isaac Moses