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NOTE: Like Wikipedia, this site makes no guarantee of validity, and does not offer professional (particularly rabbinic) advice. Treat information from this site like it came from a crowd of your friends. // Jewish law. Specifically, the legal process beginning with the written Torah and continuing through the Mishna, Talmud, and the legal codes (e.g., Rambam, Tur, Shulchan Aruch).

Yes, it may be wrong to do so, at least under some circumstances. Shulchan Aruch, CM 228 says "אם היה בן גרים לא יאמר לו זכור מעשי אבותיך", that one cannot remind a descendant of converts of his anc …
answered Nov 17 '16 by msh210
Beur Halacha 489 s.v. "Mone v'holech" cites a difference of opinion whether counting with 'initials' (as in the question) counts. I'd guess that means that one who counted that way should not re …
answered May 17 '11 by msh210
The Chafetz Chayim wrote ספר המצות הקצר, which lists all the mitzvos applicable nowadays, excluding (as he says in the intro, with my translation) "those practiced in Israel but not outside the land.. …
answered Aug 11 '15 by msh210
bread. When holding onto a sefer Tora with one hand for an aliya, use the right hand. When doing birchas kohanim, your right hand should be slightly above your left. Look at your right-hand fingernails during havdala. As always, for practical halacha, consult your rabbi. …
answered Oct 10 '10 by msh210
No. If the burger is a White Castle slider you cannot have it with milk (or without milk), as it's not kosher. But if this is practically relevant to you, please consult your rabbi, rather than rely …
answered Mar 25 '16 by msh210
Brit shalom is basically Brit mila without the circumcision, is that okay according to Halacha? Isaac Moses is completely correct that the answer is almost always "no". However, under certain …
answered Mar 4 '16 by msh210
Maimonides's halacha book, Mishne Tora, includes (Deos 2:3): Likewise, anger is a very bad trait, and it is fit for a person to distance himself from it to the opposite extreme. And he should …
answered Jun 29 '14 by msh210
We don't decide practical rules from our own reading of the text of the Pentateuch. There have been millennia of exegesis, expounding, debates, and decisions by those wiser than us in the ways of the …
answered Sep 24 '15 by msh210
I seem to recall that you're paid for the difference between the market value of the car before it was damaged and its value damaged: that the payment has nothing to do with repairs. (This differs fro …
answered Aug 27 '13 by msh210
The lender may not collect the interest. (Source: Yore Dea 161:11; Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, The Laws of Ribbis, 2:26.) If the borrower wishes to repay it, he may not. (Source: YD 160:4; TLOR 2:5.) If th …
answered Jan 19 '14 by msh210
It doesn't ban laughter outright, only "to fill his mouth with laughter". Mishna B'rura clarifies it's speaking of "supernumerary joy". I claim that most people nowadays do follow this halacha. …
answered Aug 13 '13 by msh210
The method of stepping is outlined in Orach Chayim 123 (and to a lesser extent 95). As to your specific question — whether one should take three steps with each foot or two with one foot and one with …
answered Jul 5 '12 by msh210
No sources, but some logic. Damages paid are the difference in value (fair market value) to the damaged object. Here, the individual stamp is worth far less, while the collection of stamps is worth …
answered Oct 9 '11 by msh210
One who ate meat may eat pareve food [=neither meat nor dairy] that was cooked in a clean milchig [=dairy] pot after finishing the meat. ― the Star-K, citing Rabbi Aharon Kotler
answered Dec 8 '14 by msh210
Yes: a number of areas of halacha depend on what is usual in the place and time. One I can think off the top of my head is: Some pos'kim have held one can smoke cigarettes or take a hot shower on yom … the last Beur Halacha on 511 re smoking; probably sources on showering are also on Orach Chayim 511 (though not in the Beur Halacha).) …
answered May 29 '13 by msh210

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