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instruct him to do it specifically on Shabbat and he can do it at other times as well. He therefore concludes "passive business" is allowed on Shabbat 2. S'char Shabbat: the Rabbis prohibited profiting … website owner if permitted to keep his profit from Shabbat shales 3. Zilzul Shabbat: the remaining intangible but crucial issue is the one of desecration of the sanctity of Shabbat since business
answered Jan 13 '16 by mbloch
This is because the Jewish minority shareholder is not in a position to decide the operating schedule of the business and the controlling partners are running the business on Shabbos by their … of the company is delegated to a non-Jewish CEO ("baal melacha") the Jew doesn't require the non-Jewish CEO to keep the business operating on Shabbos, rather he allows him to run the business as he …
answered Jun 7 '18 by mbloch
R Yosef Kushner answers this question (pp. 60ff in his book Commerce and Shabbos) and forbids it. He first explains one can complete a necessary transaction on Shabbat from a Jew if three conditions …
answered Jun 24 '18 by mbloch
Shabbat. One is allowed to operate such a business by taking on a non-Jewish partner and stipulating from the beginning that the non-Jew is totally in charge of Shabbat work and receiving its remuneration … allow a business to run on Shabbat if the Jew co-owns the business with a gentile partner. Namely, as discussed by the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berura (OC 245), a Jew may arrange that his …
answered Oct 7 by mbloch
You definitely need to ask a rav. It is possible this is permitted in case of non-Jews who will handle the sefarim with respect but likely this is NOT permitted in case of messianic Jews. Two relevan …
answered Dec 25 '17 by mbloch
The topic of operating apps/sites on Shabbat is complex, an entire book (Commerce and Shabbos) was written on it by R Yosef Y Kushner. In general it is permitted to write an app that will maybe be us …
answered Dec 20 '17 by mbloch