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girl in the idf

hi im a religos girl going to the IDF bh very soon i have a few quetstions i would like to ask 1 ) im very very active the unite im going in to bh is very active to i dont wish to wear a skirt while on base simply bc a) you only get 3 skirts / pants and if im going to be cruwling climing running steking doing press ups my skirtr are going to get riped b)ill stike out c) you can see all the way up when you move ( if you can move ) enishely i was going to wear a skirt off base and pants when on base ( i was going to go to a girls only unite exsped it 3 yeaars ) im i alowed to wear pants ???????????? 2 ) all the food in the army is kosher but not of hacsherim religos jews aprove of what food for sure do i not have a problem with ????????????? 3) shabbat in the army (hellllllllllllllllp ) what is the hallachot im not in a regula base what are the regual halachot and last if i have more questions where do i / you get my /your info ??????????? if there is any thing i have forgoten feel free to add thank you