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What is the halachic definition of “tzurat hapat” in terms of requiring birkat hamotzi?

A comment below this M.Y. answer says that one of the requirements to make a blessing of "Hamotzi" is that the item must have "tzurat hapat" (the form / shape of bread.)

I am unclear as to what the halachic definition of this in terms of practical halacha. My notion of bread is that it is usually shaped like a loaf and is a bit thick or high. The few exceptions of flat bread that I can think of include pita, laffa, wraps, chappati, poori, and naan (the last three being Indian type breads. Although, poori is fried, so I don't know if that qualifies.) I've excluded Matzah, because as I understand, Sefardim say mexonot on this throughout the year except on Pesach (please correct my assumption if incorrect.)

Soft Bavarian twisted pretzels look like the counterpart of the hard version. It doesn't have the shape of "bread" to me, yet, the answer in the linked question claims that it qualifies for "Hamotzi".

So, I'm trying to get a sense if there are any general rules in terms of practical halacha as to what qualifies as "tzurat hapat".