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Age of Avram (Avraham) when he left for Kena'an out of the Ur Kasdim?

Nechemyah 9:7-8 teaches that it was HaShem who brought (or called?) Avram forth out of the Ur Kasdim

Bereshit 11:31 teaches that Terach took his whole household in which included Avram and they went forth from Ur Kasdim to go into Eretz Kena’an; and they came unto Charan (Haran), and dwelt there.

Later in Bereshit 12 we read that Avram had to leave this land of Charan, away from there which he came from, away from his father's household to the land HaShem will show him, which according to verse 5-6 is the land Kena'an.

I always thought the calling of Avram begane at Bereshit 12:1 'Lech Lecha', but after reading this verse could it be possible HaShem called Avraham's whole household (from Terach) at first?

And second if Avram left for Kena'an a second time at the age of 75 then how old was he when his father Terach took them out of the Ur Kasdim?