@Cashcow's answer is (excuse the bad pun) "on the money". But adding to this concept is understanding the adage properly.

The proper translation of  ואהבת לרעך כמוך is "Show love to your friend as you would do to yourself." On the surface, the translation doesn't seem "novel" and in line with your question. But, there are some key words here, and you should ponder their meanings, well.

The following ideas come from 2 notable Rabbis, one of them, I believe was Rav Pesach Krohn in a speech I heard from him about 10 - 15 years ago. The other rabbi, I don't recall offhand, but, he seems to confirm a translation by Rav Shamashon Hirsch:

First know that the word אהב has the word הב meaning "give". Love is not about receiving (which seems to be a huge U.S. and worldwide concept) but giving something of yourself to someone you care about deeply.

The word used in this verse is not חבר but רעך coming from the word רעה meaning "shepherd". A shepherd leads his sheep in the right direction and protects them from danger.

So, if you love yourself, properly, you give yourself the best things in life and you are seeking your own best interest and steering yourself in the best direction possible. Most people don't seek to harm themselves, unless they have a mental condition (or they're terrorists!)

The concept, is more than just superficial love. It's about being a shepherd, protector and advocate to others. In the worst situation, you see many people who don't love themselves still can shepherd others better than themselves. I don't recommend this action all the time, but, I'm stating that this is possible.