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Rav Hirsch points out in 35:8 that we do not know that Rivkah had sent Devorah to Yaakov with a message. Note that those who say Rivkah married Yitzchak at age 3, would imply that she had accompanied Rivkah to Yitzchak. Those who say it was at age 14 would allow for her having been in the house of Lavan all those years may have also raised Rachel and Leah and now wanted to go see the child she whose wet-nurse she had been.

How this old lady, who in any casemust have been very advanced in years, found herself in Jacob's company, is not told. Whether she, as some suppose, had been sent by Rivkah with a message, or had gone with him from Lavan's house as Ramban (Nachmanides) suggests, are only suggestions.

However as we see from the beginning of Vayishlach, Yaakov suspected (and with good reason as the meforshim point out) that Eisav had not forgiven him for his trickery. Rivkah had said that she would send a message once Eisav was no longer angry and had forgotten what had happened (Toldos 27:45). We see that this had not happened, so she would not have been able to send for him before she died (at age 133 according to some meforshim).