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Rav Hirsch connects 16 and 17 to state that this is addressed to everyone who would even think of backing Korach. The pretense was of "equal rights" but the truth was that only one person would survive attempting to bring the incense. Remember, that even Nadav and Avihu, who were eligible to inherit the role of Kohen Gadol, died as a result of improperly trying to bring incense.

Moshe rabbeinu is pointing out that anyone following Korach is putting his life on the line knowing that everyone else would die.

Rav Hirsch states that incense is

the action symbolising the highest degree of giving oneself up completely, without any reservation whatsoever,

This is a fateful (and fatal) arrogant assumption, not just for the 250 men standing with Korach but the Levites who were standing near the Mikdash רב לכם בני לוי but also for anyone who regarded themselves as represented by the 250 men.