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"Bal" is used in Hebrew. You say the word "bal" at least 3 times weekly in the davening:

אף תכון תבל בל תמוט

from Tehillim 93:1

The word means "lest". It probably has a better usage than the term "al" or "Lo" used before negative mitzvoth, as in the Torah context, the commandment is in the "active" voice - "Don't do ...". When speaking about the mitzvah as a subject or title, the term "bal" meaning "lest", may be a more desirable grammatical usage.

Example (somewhat "yeshivish") - "Don't waste that good food - It's bal tashchis". If you took away the word "it's" then, it may sound better, as if your saying, "Don't waste the food LEST you destroy it."